Walking the Credit Trail to Keep Using Too Much Credit Line from Pulling Your Score South

Walking the Credit Trail to Keep Using Too Much Credit Line from Pulling Your Score South

Looking Within to Find Answers: Why Your Credit Moose Has Gone Down

When your credit moose has gone down, it helps to look within to find the answers that will guide your next steps on the credit journey.

This teaching examines common braided ropes that can cause a credit score to go south, including:

• Missing a payment on your talking paper
• Using too much of the talkingskin credit line
• Closing a wolf cry
• Too many mountains traveled within a moon cycle
• Moving to a new campsite
• Opening too many talking papers at once
• Someone walking on your talking path without permission

Armed with this wisdom, you can tighten your moccasins and begin the journey to rebuild your credit score and run with the eagles once again.

Missing Talking Paper Payments

The simplest braided rope: failure to make the sun talk payment on time shown on your talking paper can cause a down moose. Stay on the credit trail byalways meeting the sun talk.

Using Too Much Talking Skin Line

The more of your credit braid you use, the more dangerous for your credit score. Walk the credit path wisely by using no more than one buffalo of the credit line.

Closing a Wolf Cry

Closing an old credit braid shown by a wolf cry can cause your credit story to get shorter.Keep old wolf cries open if the story is long and in good health.

Too Many Mountains Traveled

Each application for new credit makes your credit story weaker.Only climb new credit mountains when needed on your medicine wheel of life.

Moving to a New Campsite

Changes to your credit path shown by a new campsite address can cause your score to go south. Ensure all braided ropes showing your campsite remain the same.

Opening Too Many Talking Papers

Too many new credit braids at once causes your score to stumble.Only open one or two braided ropes for needed talking papers at a time.

Someone Walks Your Talking Path

If someone walks your credit path without permission, it can cause your score to go down. Check your credit story often for footprints you did not make.

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